REALLY long railway in Minecraft (Timelapse)

So I built a REALLY long railway, 8 kilometers (8000 rail blocks) – Using Steve’s carts mod, a bit of Sim-U-Kraft and a bit of MCedit. No reason really, just wanted to! 🙂
It seems after about 4 Km or so, it’s just mainly ocean out there, I’ve noticed this on other worlds where I’ve explored a bit further than you normally would. Anyone else notice this?

So, I’m hoping in future minecraft updates the “normal/ultraflat” button is expanded to provide other options like less oceans, 256 block high mountains etc, as it’s currently way beyond me to mod the world creation stuff 🙂

About halfway along the track, I found a mushroom island (my first ever!) and then again, it’s back to endless ocean.

Anyway, if you’d like to ride on this railway, the map is here:

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