With SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s ingenous modular system, the spotting scopes performance can be changed through the size of the objective lens. This offers flexibility, easily switch out the objective, and it enables you to store the objective and eyepiece modules separately so they can be easily stored. The 65 mm is extremely compact, the 85 mm offers great versatility and the 95 mm offers outstanding detail resolution and up to 70x magnification, and despite the 95 mm objective lens the slim design weighs in at just 76 oz. Features SWAROVISION technology which includes HD lenses, Field Flattener lenses, and a large field of view. The removeable twist-in eyecup is adjustable, and offers a variety of zoom ranges. The enhanced lens and prism coatings offer impressive viewing even in low light. SWAROCLEAN coatings. The zoom and focusing features are arranged right next to each other which dramatically increase the speed and ease of use.

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