What is Golem coin? A new idea in cryptocurrency that's spreading like wild fire

Find out how this simple idea is changing the way we think about money.

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There is a dirty little secret in the crypto currency world. We are building better, faster and more efficient machines to mine digital coins but one day someone looked at all this computing power and said why can’t we do something more useful with it.

Golem is a mix between the seti software that amateur astrologers installed on their home PC’s to help look for aliens and bitcoin. It allows for a digital currency to exist that is founded on security and the block chain but instead of using all the processing power to solve complex problems in order to create more coins it allows other users to rent this power creating what could soon be the worlds biggest and most powerful virtual machine.

The balance and dual purpose of the coin adds increased efficiency and huge potential leaps forward in the future for science and technology.

I hope this make you as excited about Golem coin as I am.

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