Dentacoin Team: We are real and we are here to stay

Let us share with you how great it is to have all your trust and support by our side! Thank you for contributing to our Presale! Sending you greetings from around the world…

? Dentacoin – the first Ethereum-based token designed for the Global Dental Industry – goes public with a Hard-Capped Presale on 1st of July 2017! Exclusive Presale Price: 8 000 000 DCN/ETH.
✔ A custom-made industrial solution aimed at improving dental care quality worldwide by giving the power to the hands of the people;
✔ A functioning currency, already implemented as means of payment at first partner dental clinics;
✔ A unique value-generating distribution model – each activity which leads to improved dental care quality is rewarded with DCN;
✔ Building a patient-driven Dental Industry via Blockchain-based tools such as a trusted review platform, a fair dental insurance model, a decentralized healthcare database, an aftercare app, an educational website;
✔ Strong potential to become a global currency with a chance to increase in value up to 28 400 times;
✔ Pre-mined, limited total supply to ensure inflation protection and thus – prevent loss of value.

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Dentacoin Foundation
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