What is Bitshares

What is Bitshares? Answering the question “What is BitShares?” has been one of the most difficult challenges I have faced. BitShares is so many things to different people and there are a thousand different ways of understanding what BitShares is. This post http://bytemaster.github.io/update/2014/12/18/What-is-BitShares/ will tell you what BitShares is to me, its founder. Before getting into the long-answer to this question, let me give you the executive summary. BitShares is one of the most important tools that any community can use to secure their freedom; an idea whose time has come. After reading this post I bet you will agree.

There are many different layers at which we can understand BitShares. Each layer has its own benefit and usefulness.

BitShares is software
BitShares is a network
BitShares is a Ledger
BitShares is a Company
BitShares is an Exchange
BitShares is a Bank
BitShares is a Currency
BitShares is a Community
BitShares is a Country

#BitShares is an Idea… …whose time has come. The specific software, network, and ledger that BitShares is today has very real limitations. But the idea behind BitShares, BitAssets, and non-violent self governance is so powerful that all the forces in the world cannot stop it. The idea will live on in one form or another. The entire concept of numbers on a ledger having value exists entirely in the collective mind of the BitShares community. It doesn’t matter what form that ledger takes, what matters is that we all share a common idea regarding who owns what. We no longer rely on governments to be the arbiter of property rights. BitShares, the software, is just a tool that enables our community to reach unambiguous consensus on property rights. In many ways, it is no different than Rai stones which are large immovable stones used as money which were valued because of community consensus.

BitShares is a small town on global scale.

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