Stratis cryptocurrency explained – What is Stratis & how does it work?

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In today’s episode of cryptotalk we are going to look at the Stratis cryptocurrency , explain exactly what it does and see why it has a market cap of over 480 million dollars

David what exactly is stratis and how is it different from all the other crypto currencies

Stratus is Block chain technology service that acts a platform for company’s and individuals to rapidly deploy decentralized apps DAPPS that are built using smart contracts like ethereum.
One major difference is ethereum uses its own programming language called solidity while stratus uses c sharp and microsoft .net.

Stratus provides the security and block chain ledger system while the individual company’s develop their own applications. Advantage is there is a much lower barrier to entry.

It works by proof of stake consensus so no mining

15 wallets owning over 40% of the tokens similar to ripple

One red flag – Stratis Group makes money by charging a subscription to customers using the platform.

Can you give us some examples where stratus might be used
Could be use to track expensive items like diamonds or cars

It shouldn’t be used for apps that don’t require security like in game credit.

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