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ICO of the week: (July 27, 2017)


Aragon Coin Wallet Address: 0x8d520f03593ffb718670e840b92592d2a5901258
DogeCoin Wallet Address: DAMvNsQ4aE2ctyNUVG9Tc68VihrmfMXSgL
Bitcoin Wallet Address: 1DWN9udkVPkGPQXqnvyGUYDCmXKvUstmg1
Digibyte Wallet Address: DQAxrjFirgho7ZRySf3yrMgsbQwSnFoU4V
Siacoin Wallet Address:99e94827dbabfadb151390e73969441faa72fd9b1502ee427dfb5e3c7446ba898bda878f6d0b
Golem Wallet Address: 0x54e8543ebf25ff4586eebae81a11d1dbf0c2103d

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