E759: Tezos Kathleen Breitman raises $232m top ICO for new self-governing smart contract blockchain

Today, we’re going to get a lot smarter about ICOs and cryptocurrencies with today’s guest, Kathleen Breitman, co-founder Dynamic Ledger Solutions, which has developed Tezos, a new blockchain-based smart contract platform with an on-chain governance mechanism to coordinate and push upgrades to its network. Tezos is making major waves right now with its ongoing fundraising in the Crypto Valley that is Zug, Switzerland. Tezos recently raised a record-breaking $232m ICO. Join us in this special episode as Jason and Kathleen do a deep dive into her new cryptocurrency project, how it’s different from Ethereum, running a fundraiser with a Swiss non-profit foundation, the cypherpunk movement, and the long-term impact of cryptocurrency.

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