How To Mine ZCash With NEW Claymore Miner V12.6

Today i show you how to start mining ZCash with the new Claymore miner v12.6!

(Soon to come on the NEW BuriedONE Website R2.0!)
Original Download:!P0ZjFDjC!Cmb-ZRqlbAnNrajRtp4zvA
Pre- Made for Windows:!VrIGiRQA!ljMMqQ_o0D178y5HmGUtlVbAXURTuBfBgLgRf0gnkdQ
Pre- Made for Linux:!AnZFCZZQ!lAAAbGap2F0AjCNkLKXGHlc_V0gN9HOHY2PPuy9nDpQ

Wallet used:

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