Binance – Interview with CEO Changpeng Zhao

I had the privilege of interviewing the CEO of Binance, ChangPeng Zhao. Binance is taking the cryptocurrenc exchange scene by storm with a massively positive response from both the Chinese and International community.
0:45 What is Binance?
3:15 Situation of Exchanges in China
5:09 Chinese interest in Crypto-Crypto Exchanges
7:17 Binance Server Locations, Global Exchange
8:45 What technological innovations does Binance Bring
10:07 Long term strategy for Binance
11:10 Coin selection criteria in Binance
12:04 Coin Poll on Binance
13:30 ICO projects
14:24 ICO situation in China
16:36 How does Binance secure funds
18:16 BNB token Use Cases
22:22 Decentralized exchange
24:00 Future Projects
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