Digibyte Price & Technical Analysis – Cryptocurrency trading with Digibyte

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What is digibyte?
I first became aware of digibyte after mining some coins through nicehash and miningpoolhub. At first I didn’t do much research and immediately traded my mined coins back into bitcoin using the bittrex exchange platform.

After a few successfully finishing a few mining contracts I wanted to know more. What makes Digibyte coin different from other crypto currencies?

That’s a great question. I’m not 100% sure, they have a 5 algorithm mining protocol which makes their network very secure, transaction times are fast (although NEM, Dash and IOTA are equally quick) and the lead developer has been involved with blockchain technologies since the beginning and is well respected in the industry.

Digibyte price predictions for 2017.
People buying digibyte are speculating that sometime in the near future a company or marketplace will need a solid blockchain technology with a proven track record and no want to go through the hassle of developing there own. The example a lot of people use is the digibyte minecraft example and while that shows this technology can be used as an in game currency it doesn’t prove that digibyte has an advantage that the competition doesn’t

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