JediArmsDealer’s Roman Props Graflex Custom Lightsaber, 2.5 Kyber Crystal Chambers & Dual Speakers

Roman Props Graflex custom install by Master Maltais (JediArmsDealer)
Commissioned for Master Don Pamintuan in an ESB configuration
And May the Force Be With All of Us

-Fully removable custom scratch built Chassis
-Roman Props 1 inch blade holder
-Petite Crouton 3.5 (hacked for 3.7V)
-Tri-Rebel BBW LED
-Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 10A 3200mAh Battery
-Mirrored copper and Brass screened battery cover
-2.5 Crystal Chambers
-IR remote control RGB LED in the emitter Crystal Chamber
-3-4 Blue Aqua Aura Kyber Crystals
-10 segment Blue LED bar graph
-Dual speaker setup (28mm Railmaster 28mm bass speaker)
-Copper screened holes for rivet sound pass through
-Magnetic Aux button and Allen wrench blade retention key
-Metal top removable turn kill key
-Custom acrylic recharge port and RICE port housing
-Custom acrylic mirrored and colored Chassis disks
-Copper tubing for hiding wires
-Brass Aux and Main switch covers
-Brass sound board covers
-Brass anodized ring in the emitter covering the 1″ heat sink
-Saltwater etched Aurebesh

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