Omisego ICO – OMG coin news, price predictions & a deal with McDonalds

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What is Omisego?

Currently the worlds 12th largest cryptocurrency trading at $10.51 with a $1,153,740,758 valuation on coinmarketcap. Omesigo is a branch of its parent company Omise.

OmiseGo has become the first ethereum unicorn with a market cap of over $1 Billion dollars.

Omesigo is a crypto and smart contract platform that promises to provide banking for the unbanked – 73% of people in south east asia don’t have access to financial services.

65% people in south east asia have a phone

Omise parent company has been around since 2014 and has over 100 employees

Offers a mobile payment platform that can work with VISA and Mastercard

The advisers are the strongest part of OmiseGo project because they almost all are from Ethereum foundation including Vitalik Buterin

The team has been involved with Hydrachain, Golem, Tendermint, and Cosmos.

Vitalik Buterin – Founder of ethereum
Julian Zawistowski, Founder of Golem, Economist.
Joseph Poon – Co creator of the lightning network

Basically, OmiseGo is an e-wallet and payment platform operating across currencies and assets. Offering a decentralized banking solution that can work across any digital or fiat currency.

OmiseGo will create a platform for managing fiat/cryptocurrency/other assets with its powerful wallet Software Development Kit. OmiseGo builds a liquid on-chain decentralized exchange and off-chain payment network to make its ecosystem work

One of the fist markets it will target is Remittances market

They have a clear vision of their product and the existing customer base which will use their product.

CEO recently made twitter post claiming they are working with McDonalds

WhopperCoin: Burger King Russia Launches Blockchain Loyalty Program

Strongest in Thailand and south east asia it is seeking approval from the thai goverment. Plans to launch in q4 2017

ERC20 Ethereum ICO launch will switch to their own blockchain when they launch
Wallet hasn’t been built. Very similar situation to EOS
Blockchain will use a proof of stake mechanism instead of proof of work. Giving people that get in early a larger return

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