How To Make A Blog Post on Steemit in 3 Easy Steps!

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The first thing that you want to do is click on the “submit a story” button.

After that there are three main categories and boxes that you need to be aware of.

The first is the title box:

Here is where you can add a title for your blog! Currently there is no character limit, but I recommend keeping your title short and to the point!

Second is the “write a story box”:

This is where you insert text and images by dragging and dropping them from the clipboard or by selecting them. The easiest way to add pictures, video, and images and to simple copy and paste them in or click and drag them in from your desktop!

Third is the “Tags box”:

This is where you will add up to 5 “tags” for your blog post. Now the very first tag is especially important. This tag is your main category tag and will allow other users to find your post based on that category. For example, since steemit if my first tag for this post, it will appear in the “steemit” category.

Once you have everything filled in and ready to go its time to submit your post! Click the “Post” button and your blog will then go LIVE on Seemit! Thats it!

You can also go back and edit your post so don’t worry if you made a mistake when posting the first time.


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