OmiseGO (OMG) Airdrop – Free Coins in My Exodus Wallet

So I logged in to my Exodus wallet this morning to discover I’d received 2.1 OmiseGO which airdropped on the 15th September. 5% of the total supply of OMG was set aside for the airdrop. You needed a minimum of 0.1 ETH at block height 3988888. According to the Omise press release approximately 450,000 addresses will received some coins although for most the amount will be low.

Have you received your free coins. There have been reports of not all wallets receiving coins and if you have your ETH on an exchange there is no guarantee you’ll receive them. As I’ve said many times before unless you’re actively trading always try and keep your coins on a wallet where you control the private keys for situations like this.

Project website –
Press release –
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Tips are much appreciated, here’s my addresses:
Bitcoin: 18ZwmG5o2yeiUW7WgLB2M8ifMK7AAmgsUs
Ethereum: 0x039D99c841fc21d8975aB8691bF6B7540c06389F
Litecoin: LiDRt5ZkNSX1kUT2SPg9hyirdFji8pkXeR
Dash: Xrk1QLtZMPN7BBQewmGHwW2e2AGraLV3Qx
Dogecoin: DKj7UeXXzQy3KwakNLfoaWm8YAQaCa8pTa
Burstcoin: BURST-CMCH-2BAS-BS5A-57T5M
Digibyte: DLmApKQjqC1tMgMKitwtFL8hubgTjfU2cR

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