Steemit CEO Ned Scott Announces Steem Smart Media Tokens!

The Steem Smart Media Tokens white paper announced today by Ned Scott CEO of Steemit Inc at describes a plan to empower cryptocurrency mass adoption by making it easy in a future protocol update to the Steem blockchain to monetize an existing community! Read the white paper at

Steem already has 3 second feeless transactions and this suggested protocol will make for easy integration with blogs and social media networks to reward users for posting, commenting, and upvoting as already proven successful on

To facilitate this new Smart Media Token or SMT system, a decentralized exchange will allow for instant trading among users and cryptocurrencies which can ICO on the Steem blockchain for $1! These new digital currencies can be pegged to a real world asset like USD and used to provide influence in any community.

I think this is going to blow the price of Steem up as cryptocurrency traders on Bittrex and Poloniex realize what this means for the future of Steem!

Jerry Banfield

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews