10 Ways People Have Lost MILLIONS Through Bitcoin

10 Ways People Have Lost Millions of Dollars Through Bitcoin
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1) Bitcoin Pizza
2) Shorting Bitcoin
3) Customer Sales Rep – Maxkeiser
4) 7500 on harddrive, lost harddrive – lost 30 million dollars in current currency
5) Scam currencies
6) 500,000 Lost on bitcoin. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1ch7wb/starting_with_almost_nothing_i_made_almost_500000/?st=j7jfiur1&sh=02a5dcf6
of blacks. I lost ~1800 BTC in one minute.
7) Green Address – Malware bitcoin software
8) Forgetting about them/small amounts
9) MTGox – was the biggest bitcoin exchange and it went bankrupt people lost 4700, 2000, and a ton of other small amounts
10) Forgetting Your Password – lost 384 bitcoin, a $1.5 Million dollar mistake

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