Dentacoin: The First Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry

? DENTACOIN: The First Blockchain Solution for the Global Dental Industry. Tradable on international exchanges and already implemented at partner clinics in Europe and Asia. Up-and-running tools.

“It is looking as though dentistry could be set for the biggest blockchain shake-up of all. Should pioneering projects like Dentacoin take off, modern dentistry as we know it could change forever.”
440 billion dollars are spent every year on dental treatment. According to estimates by the American Dentists’ Association, 90% of these expenses can be avoided. Avoided only, if patients have their dental care performed 3 times a year for early pre- ventative treatments and check-ups and if patients better their nutrition and establish healthy dental habits.
Imagine a world where your dentist is paid to improve your dental health in the long term.
Dentacoin – the new Blockchain solution for the global dental industry – will establish trust by aligning the interests and needs of patients and dentists on a global scale.
The Dentacoin token is already traded on many international exchange platforms.
Be part of this movement of passionate, intelligent people who care about global dental health and equal access of high quality dental care for everyone.
Join the Dentacoin ICO on October, the 1st.
Only a limited amount of tokens are available.

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