Lisk Price Prediction

Lisk Price Prediction for 2018
In this video I go over the Lisk Coin and give my evaluation of the Coins Price for What I believe it can hit in 2018.
Lisk is a phenomenal Company that utilizes the Java Script Protocol of Applications to enter the Blockchain Network. Developers of Decentralized Apps can use the Lisk Platform to Build, Publish, Distribute and Monetize their Apps without compromising the Quality of the Application. This ability will no doubt find its largest opportunities in the next 3 to 5 years as the World at large becomes more involved and interconnected with the phenomenon of the Crypto World! Now is the time to buy and hold the Lisk Coin in my opinion. I expect the value of the Coin to rise rather quickly as we get into 2018-2020 and those who purchase Lisk will be glad they did! Please read all disclosures and invest at your own risk!

Here is their Website :

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