OpenHours #66 – In depth discussion on Monero cryptocurrency and Kovri I2P

OpenHours Episode #66 – Come, tell the world about Monero and Kovri! Share your Linaro / 96boards experience! In this episode we will discuss the work accomplished by the Kovri / Monero team and community as well as what collaborations are in store for the future.

Monero is a community-driven cryptocurrency designed to deliver always-on fungibility, privacy, and anonymity. Monero’s Kovri I2P Router Project provides users with the ability to run and access nodes that hide their geographic location and IP address. When used in conjunction with Kovri, the origin of Monero transactions is concealed to protect the privacy of the sender while mitigating network monitoring and other attacks. Cross-platform support is made possible by automating builds and testing on Linaro/96boards systems. /u/fluffyponyza, /u/hyc_symas and /u/anonimal_0x914409F1 are confirmed for the call. All are welcome!

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