Ripple XRP – The Future of Banking!

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In today’s video I talk about ripple xrp and why ripple xrp will be the future of banking. Ripple XRP is a cryptocurrency / digital asset that banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges can use to provide a frictionless experience to send money globally. Ripple XRP enables banks to save tons of money and Ripple XRP transactions only take an amazing 4 seconds to complete. XRP is extremely scalable and is able to handle 1,500 transactions per second currently. RIpple XRP transactions cost fractions of a cent and allow banks to save substantially on international payments. Adoption of Ripple has already started and currently 90+ banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges are on RippleNET. Some well known include Santander, BMO, Unicredit and UBS. Hope you enjoy!

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