XMR Monero Price Predictions $$$ 2017-2018

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XMR Price Predictions, Monero Price Forecasts, Speculation, Blockchain obfuscation, Digital Assets, CryptoNote protocol, April 2014, secure, private, untraceable. Monero is a privacy centered cryptocurrency, the 9th largest with a market cap of nearly 700k.
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Ok, so since every other YouTuber always gives out their donation addresses I’ll do the same (not that I really think anyone will donate, but hey, it would be nice to be proven wrong.)

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–EOS: 0xf0fd7dbe59a36996cfcf64ed05f07d4cdb82d226
–ETH: 0x4d4b3a4f2e67b5d99cac14985312004c5eea57bc
–ETH: 0xae287c776a787bcfba748f7f92da36716afca077
–XMR: 4GdoN7NCTi8a5gZug7PrwZNKjvHFmKeV11L6pNJPgj5QNEHsN6eeX3DaAQFwZ1ufD4LYCZKArktt113W7QjWvQ7CWA3HZfbB3G9Qd2CAsr
–WAVE: 3P9Ck86XVLVbUKcTYUedoC54oyT2qjPcPJu

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