(XRP Analysis) Is Ripple a Buy or Sell?

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What the heck is Ripple? If you are a part of the Cryptocurrency community I am sure that you have heard of the coin. I created this video to give you an overview of the coin and do some technical analysis. Ripple plans to help banks and payment providers send global payments quicker and easier. When I first heard about this, I knew that it was going to have potential. I have always had difficulty sending payments globally and I could not imagine the issues that large institutions would have when they do it. It is most likely crazy expensive. With this in mind, I added the coin to my watchlist because I think it has potential. 

I like to start my technical analysis with short term analysis because it gives me an idea of the immediate movement of the coin. Based on the short term analysis, we are sitting in a really good position. We have a strong support at about $0.20 and the resistance is at $0.23. It gives us minimal risk and a lot of growth potential as a trader.

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