Let’s make Bitshares great again!

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Bitshares: crypt-orgy

Why Bitshares

The worlds busiest blockchain with a record 920k operations;
The worlds fastest blockchain;
The worlds most used DEX (Decentralized Exchange);
BitUSD, BitCNY – Stablecoins require no third party;
Atomic swaps on chain;
Human readable send/receive addresses;
Huge scalabilty (Testnet proven 3k TPS with 100k TPS theoretical);
3 years of stable operation, well tested open source MIT software;
Self funding blockchain directly pays developers and workers;
AML/KYC compliance capable;
Many companies use BitShares blockchain as their backend or for token issuence;
Stealth transaction ability in development now;
Truly decentralised, BitShares is a software protocol not a company, no CEO or office;
Still has a low market cap with huge potential for growth!

Text by @jonnybitcoin

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