NEW 3D Printed RC Car Tires – Driving on Water!!!

This is crazy! I’m driving a RC car on water by using custom made 3D printed tires. A few months back I failed driving on water, but discovered my 3D printed wheels worked great for traction on sand. However, now I’m back, and today we are driving the JLB Cheetah on water!

Here’s the JLB Cheetah RC car:
STL files:
Flexible filament 40D:

I’m so greateful for all my loyal followers, and because of your comments I was able to make a new set of 3D printed tires that actually worked! The new tires have a much larger diameter and the paddles is fewer but significantly longer and much less angled.

The new tires was printed with only 5% infill, so there’s much more air inside to keep it floating. In combination with a larger battery (4S 14.8V Lipo), the motor was able to keep the wheels turning and therefore keep it on top of the water.
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