HUGE ETHEREUM NEWS UPDATE! Raiden Network, bitconnect

There is some big news that i get to share with you all about Ethereum now. finally I’ve been waiting for this since the flash crash and hack talks started. this essentially is going to make Ethereum explode higher. Ethereum is going to be going through what Bitcoin did with segwit. it is going to go through Raiden Network upgrade. which will allow it to go from 20 transactions a second to over a million transactions a second. This is going to make the price at least react like bitcoin did my guess is over 400 and possibly up to 500. remember though im not a financial advisor so invest wherever you want, its your money and you click the button.

my bitconnect account is making tremendous gains and i am very happy that I didn’t listen to anyone who thought this was a scam. if you wanna join me there my referal link is below.

here is the link to the cointelegraph article

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