ANOTHER Bitcoin Fork?! What You Need To Know!

NOTE: Please be wary of REPLAY ATTACKS in case of a Segwit2x hard fork. This means you should probably wait for further information after the fork before you start spending your “Bitcoins”. Read more about it here:

Hey everyone, you may have thought all the drama was over when Bitcoin Cash was created… unfortunately not quite. As planned with SegWit2x, the second part of the proposal was to do a 2 megabyte block size increase to the Bitcoin network, 3 months after SegWit was activated. Those 3 months are coming to a close soon, so the 2x hard fork is impending. Problem is, people are unsure if there is even a point to the hard fork, because big block supporters already have their Bitcoin Cash! A lot of confusion and drama surrounding this long standing scalability debate, so please watch this video for more information.

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews