#92 Edward Snowden, Zcash & Monero + Zk-Snarks vs. Zk-Starks

Edward Snowden on Bitcoin, Zcash & Monero. + What is the difference btwn “Zk-Snarks vs. Zk-Starks”: https://steemit.com/@mintingcoins/

While #EdwardSnowden says Zcash is the ‘Most Interesting #Bitcoin Alternative’, he points to risks of Monero. Yet, both #Zcash and #Monero have risks, and these risks can be seen in the differences between the “Zcash #ZkSnark” technology and the allegedly-improved “#ZkStark” technology. What is the major risk with Zcash (#ZkSnarks vs. #ZkStarks)? Is a truly private blockchain even possible? And, What is the road-map for the future of private blockchains? Let’s Discuss!

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