Today in Bitcoin News (2017-10-07) – B2X Deception – Fidelity Mines – Fundstrat Indexes

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Jeff Garzik on Twitter: “”Bitcoin com will proudly list S2X & we will list it as the default version of Bitcoin and will use the ticker BTC.”″

IMF head says bitcoin is ‘too expensive for me at the moment’ – Business Insider

Two Hurdles? Bitcoin Faces Resistance Ahead of $4,500 – CoinDesk

Fundstrat launches five indexes to track bitcoin and other digital currencies

Bitcoin Metric Doesn’t Lie, But It Obfuscates – Bloomberg Gadfly

Bitcoin: Why Fidelity Is Mining Bitcoin | Fortune

Bitcoin price rises more than rival cryptocurrencies in third quarter

Bitcoin: A bubble of the future over everything? – Business Insider

Calm Before the Fork? Segwit2x Goes Silent as Bitcoin Split Looms – CoinDesk

ECB Considers “Legal Restraints” Against Bitcoin Says Council Member – Bitcoin News

Bitcoin Meets Netflix? Laolu Is Building a Lightning-Powered App for That – CoinDesk

SEC Accuses 2 ICOs Including REcoin and DRC of Fraud | Fortune

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