Bitcoin News #53 – State of the NO2X, Goldman Sachs Talks Bitcoin, Bitcoin meets Netflix?

Bitcoin news for the week of Oct 2nd with @theonevortex @AnselLindner @lightcoin @BitcoinErrorLog and special guest @morcosa!

-State of the NO2X: Lots of news about the 2x lately including bitfinex launching a 2x futures market, putting b2x coin worth only around 0.1-0.2 of a bitcoin, and Garzik merging code in BTC1 that would actually disguise itself as a Core node as to not get disconnected by Core 0.15, what do we think of the state of the no2x this week?

-Recently the wall street giant Goldman Sachs weighed in on what they thought of bitcoin saying quote: “Still thinking about #bitcoin, no conclusion, not endorsing or rejecting” within a few days of yet another ETF proposal being shot down by the SEC. Is wallstreet getting on bored yet?

-Bitcoin meets Netflix? A principal developer of the lightning network, a second layer scaling solution for bitcoin, announced that he is interesting in creating a version of netflex that runs over the bitcoin lightning network. Is lightning a sleeping giant? Are more and more developers going to be eyeing this technology to build apps once thought impossible to build?


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