Monero soars again! Also, what is the most undervalued cryptocurrency out there right now??

Wanna know what I’m liquidating a large portion of my portfolio to buy more of?

Wanna know what I think is the most undervalued cryptocurrency out there today??

Then come on in and watch this vid! It’s a long one, but worth the watch!



I’m a business owner, entrepreneur, crypto-trader, crypto-miner and proponent of internet privacy and the new free economy! I have created this channel to share some of the knowledge I’ve learnt as I’ve grown and profited from the crypto economy.

My NUMBER ONE Cryptocurrency to invest in is:
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Number 2 is IOTA!!
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My long-term holds are: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, ANS(NEO), STRAT, STEEM, GNT, XRP, XMR, DASH, XEM, BTS, OMG, PAY, SIB, IOTA, ZEC, SC and XEL! (Diversification is key!)

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