Bitcoin Soars, Ethereum’s Hard Fork, IBM’s Cross-Border Solution – Oct 16 Cryptocurrency News

Whether you are a bitcoin fan or not, you must admit it has experienced incredible growth over the past few months. Nothing could stop it not even China’s crackdown, which pushed the price down and caused a bit of panic but bitcoin managed to recover its losses and continued its surge. It finally managed to climb past $5,000 this month. This weekend the price surpassed $5,800. Later on Sunday it fell below $5,400. it currently remains over $5,600. Bitcoins market cap is now one $93 billion. The total cryptocurrency market capful to $99 billion on September 15th but as you can see it has regained its strength and it is now back over $170 billion.

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap has executed its blockchain hard fork to byzantium today. On Friday Ethereum fell just below $300, but over the weekend it finally managed to climb higher in anticipation of the upgrade.

IBM has announced a cross-boarder payments solution, which hopes to make global payments cheaper and more efficient. It has been working alongside US tech giant KlickEx Group, and blockchain start-up Stellar. This solution is already processing live transactions in 12 currency corridors across the Pacific region and the UK. It plans to expand to other areas globally next year. Banks including BBVA, Bank Danamon Indonesia and Mizuho Financial Group, are part of the development and deployment process.

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