How to Become a Bitconnect Millionaire – 3 Simple Steps, SUPER SERIOUS

Want to get super rich without any effort? Learn the 3 simple steps to become a Bitconnect Millionaire today!

It’s all about the referral links baby:
1. Come up with a fake story of how you started at the bottom and rose to the top, all because of Bitconnect!
2. Take a vacation, preferably somewhere cheap but that’s looks expensive. Think tropical
3. Do a bunch of fun things that look like you’re spending a ton of money, record everything and make a bunch of YouTube ads for it. Boom, you’re rich.

And that’s it. Sit back, count your millions and roll in your lambooooo.

PS: I am not endorsing this strategy. This is satire. Get it?

Post Author: CoinCryptoNews