LiteCoin Giveaway Week 2 | Winner Announced

Hey guys, Rules for Rebels back to announce the LIteCoin Week 2 Giveaway Winner.

Today we’re using TubeBuddy to pick the winner. Watch the video to find out if you’ve won.

Again, I’m sorry for being a day late this week, I had my basement flood this weekend so was dealing with that and totally forgot to make the video until Monday so that’s why were running a day behind.

We have two more weeks to go of the LiteCoin Giveaway. Just a heads up, this upcomming week I’m going to be up in Pictured Rocks in Michigan camping and apparently there’s no cell service up there. If I can make it in to town and get some Wifi I’ll try to make next week’s giveaway video on Sunday as planned, however if for some reason I have no service I may have to push things back a day like I did this week.

Thanks again for everyone who participated and checkout today’s episode of Side Hustle Tuesdays. It’s a fun one about a guy who makes archery bows out of PVC sprinkler pipe. It sounds both fun and profitable. Until next time guys, Rules for Rebels signing out.

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