BITCOIN 30k 2018? 100+ Billion market cap

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bitcoins price is still rising but right now we passed 6000 and we are on the way to 6500. the price isn’t stopping here. this isn’t the top of a bubble like alot of people think. the market for cryptocurrency is just now beginning to get the attention it deserves. it’s sad that it took this long. with all assets out there yeilding low returns it’s a surprise that it is taking this long for banks and institutions to get involved. if Bitcoin turns into the digital gold it is being called then the price could eventually reach a million dollars like they say but my guess is that takes a little bit of time. but I do believe if we stay on track like this we could see prices and returns reach 10000 first and then maybe 30000. yes there is risk here. and if you are a new investor wait till pullbacks and until main stream media calls it dead and a crash.

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