Stratis Dips Lower Before October Updates!!

Stratis is actually dipping pretty low as we near the end of October 2017. Hopefully these new alpha and beta updates (Breeze Wallet and Breeze Nodes) scheduled for the 23rd and the 30th will fling this coin out of its nose dive. We also look at what the Stratis plug in TumbleBit is and does in this video.
Intro Script:
Cutting-edge technology has become painfully redundant, everywhere you look innovation has become the norm. Solving problems has become a way of life, and each day new problems must be confronted with new solutions. Deadly silent is the killer of the dollar. Inflation is a real problem warranting an immediate solution. Through decentralization, speed, security, and a finite coin supply, Crypto-Currencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and various Altcoins seek to solve the dollar’s shortcomings. Crypto-Currencies are quickly becoming industriously insurgent instruments of innovation. Trevor G2

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