Bitcoin News #54 – Lightning on Horizon, LedgerX Does $1m In First Week, Sweden Gov Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin news for the week of Oct 16th with @francispouliot_ @Andy_Hoffman_CG @BitcoinErrorLog and special guest @JackMallers!

-Vote for Tone Vays, Jimmy Song and Thomas Hunt on Coindesk’s most influential people
-I did an interview with Andy Hoffman
-Bitcoin reached new ATHs of over $6100!

-With Charlie Lee the creator of Litecoin recently completing some on-chain atomic swaps and the lightning wallets releasing newer and newer versions, and the recent uptick of segwit usage over 17%, how soon can we expect a significant portion of tx’s to run over Lightning?

-Now that LedgerX has launched, the first regulated entity to have a unified way to buy and sell Bitcoin via swaps, and monetize the volatility with options, saw over $1million in trading derivatives in the first week, what does this mean for the ecosystem?

-Sweden has become the first country in the world to settle debit in bitcoin, how long until other countries follow suit?


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