Discovering the Kyber Crystals – Star Wars Rebels: S04E04: In the Name of Rebellion Part 2

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RKR2 Channel Description:

From this channel, you can expect:
– Star Wars film clips.
– The Clone Wars clips.
– Rebels clips.
– Compilations, using footage from the films, TCW and/or Rebels.
– Star Wars trailers

Redeemed Kylo Ren Channel Description (

From this channel, you can expect a comprehensive, detailed, and hopefully insightful overview of Star Wars lore/history, utilizing primary sources instead of Wookieepedia entries. I scour all sources for a given topic (from films to shows to novels to reference books to Star Wars Insider articles) in order to find relevant bits of information for that topic, tie it all together and present it succinctly. Occasionally, I will delve into theories/ reviews, and more.

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