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In the video I talked about a charger i’m dying to find, I need this but it was never made:
A USB-c in/out with 65W+ of output to charge my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga X1 Gen2.
These one is not good enough:
And this one is too big + it’s not a USB-c ‘in’ so I need a separate charger to travel with to charge the portable charger. I also don’t really need the outlet, just something that can fit into a ‘large’ pocket with powerful output via usb-c
This one will be way too big as well and i’m not sure if it’s a usb-c ‘in’ & hence it may even be bigger than one above if it ever gets made:

Time Index:
00:01 – Intro & Travel Schedule
02:30 – Equities
05:15 – Silver
10:00 – Bitcoin Technicals
26:30 – General Thoughts + Travel + Help Buy Charger
34:00 – Live Q&A

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