Bitcoin Munich: How to make blockchains untraceable (Zcash, Monero, Mimblewimble)

You’ve probably heard that public blockchains as used in Bitcoin and Ethereum are not as anonymous and untraceable as often reported in the context of the “darknet”, Silk Road, and similar topics.
You may be aware that while crypto-currencies themselves don’t care about your real-world identity, all transactions are public and linked together. Zcash is pioneering a rather new Zero-Knowledge-based cryptographic primitive called zk-SNARKs. Both techniques will be included also in an upcoming Ethereum release.Another interesting new approach still in the conceptual development phase is called Mimblewimble and will soon be launched as an altcoin called Grin, and later be available in a sidechain for Bitcoin.

This video was first published under a creative commons licence by the Adjy Leak YouTube channel on 18 Oct 2017 and can be found here “Zcash, Monero, Mimblewimble: How to make blockchains untraceable – Bitcoin Munich”

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