SCAM Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms Everywhere!! Next Bitconnect?

SCAM Cryptocurrency Lending Platforms Everywhere!! Where is the Next Bitconnect?
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In this video I talk about all the cryptocurrency lending platforms that are everywhere at the minute. Following the success of Bitconnect so many people are trying to find the next Bitconnect and get in early to make their fortune. We have seen alot of these come out and so far the only one to get any real success was RegalCoin which is now traded on an exchange but they do have their problems as well.

The ones that I quickly look at in this video are uCoinCash, OALend Coin, Binary Coin, PolyNetwork, Nexcoin, Goldreward, EthConnect, HomeBlock, Bittxcoin, Forza Coin, Atrox Coin, Bit Rootz, BitSupreme and MyneCoin.

Out of this extensive list the only ones I have invested in are:
– ETHConnect –
– GoldReward –

Plan to Invest
– DavorCoin –
– uCoinCash –

Al of these even the ones I have invested in are risky and you should never put in more money than you can afford to lose. Make sure you always do your own research and know all of the risks before joining any of these as 95% or more of these will end up been scams.

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