Weekly Update: Bitcoin Futures Debut / TRON Rally / BitPay Adds Bitcoin Cash / TD Ameritrade / CFTC

This video is a recap for the cryptocurrency market for the week ending December 16, 2017. Highlights:

– The Bitcoin futures debut in CBOE last Sunday was rather anticlimatic. Bitcoin’s volatility was actually one of the lowest in recent weeks. Bitcoin prices still continued to rally, ending the week at $19,500 dollars, up 28% over the week.
– Ether prices surged 47% to $700 dollars and is up another 5% so far today, putting it at its all time record high.
– We believe part of the rally is due to capital flowing into altcoins as investors are looking to find the next Bitcoin or Ethereum killer.
It also looks like some people are buying up coins with a low denomination in price, without acknowledging the market cap, as many of these coins shot up in price without any other particular reason.
– TRON outperformed other major tokens after surging over 700% in the past week. The token is up another 13% so far in trading today, putting it at the number two spot on the top 10 list of tokens by market cap. A few days ago, the TRON team provided an update on their development progress which appears to be on track. TRON recently partnered up with the livestream company Uplive and invested in Gifto. They also expanded their development team with two new hires.
– The Bitcoin payment processor, BitPay, announced it will begin processing payments for multiple blockchains, starting with Bitcoin Cash to their payment platform and debit cards.
– Starting tomorrow, TD Ameritrade will allow some of its clients to trade Cboe’s bitcoin futures.
– There were reports that a Japanese internet service provider, GMO Internet, is now offering to pay employees in bitcoin, up to 100,000 Yen per month.
– In the US, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission or CFTC for short has proposed guidelines on cryptocurrency margin trading. The US agency proposed that trading should be regulated like other commodiities.

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