Binance No Longer Accepting New Users | People Selling Binance Accounts for $8,000 or 0.5 BTC

Hey guys, back on December 21, 2017 just a few weeks back I told everyone go sign-up for a Binance account before they shut down new user registrations.

I hope a lot of you guys heeded my advice because as of a few days ago Binance shut down and is no longer accepting new users.

There is such a flood of new people into the cryptocurrency and altcoin space and people want to trade on Binance so badly people are willing to pay up to 0.5 Bitcoins which currently is about $8,000 for a Binance account.

Some people who were especially forward thinking and signed up for multiple accounts are selling Binance and Bittrex accounts for upwards of $8,000. That’s absolutely insane.

I’ll keep you guys in the loop about when these exchanges come back online and begin accepting new users. In the interum if your wanting to get into altcoins and are looking for an alternate exchange I would suggest possibly looking into Poloniex or Kracken or HitBTC.

For any of you who were too late and didn’t get a Binance or Bittrex account what exchanges are you trading on and what has your experience been like? Please drop a comment to help other new users who are looking for an alternate exchnage,