Budget Magic: $94 (48 tix) Modern Abzan Rites (Deck Tech)

Rivals of Ixalan releases next week, which means we’ll be kicking off a string of Budget Magic’s focused on the new Standard format, but for this week we are heading to Modern for a deck that’s basically a port of a old Standard deck: Abzan Rites! Abzan Rites is basically a reanimator deck, but instead of playing a bunch of really expensive reanimation targets, the focus is to reanimate things like Siege Rhino and Restoration Angel that we can also hardcast without too much trouble. Then we simply win the game by blinking or reanimating Siege Rhino a bunch of times until our opponent’s life total is drained away to zero! Can Abzan Rites make the move from Standard over to the much more powerful and faster Modern format? Let’s discuss!

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