CES2018 VLOG #4 Media Day 2 and CES Day 1 : Cryptocurrency, Game of Coins (Mining, ICOs #2)

BBT Carter covers a lot of ground today, both in CES booths and multiple meetings, most of which were covered live on Twitter.

Media Day 2 –

Mostly general information around AI and machine deep learning, but much innovation on friction-less transactions

Coverage with Intel’s Keynote –
* Discussion around Meltdown and Spec.
* Innovation around Voxels
* Innovation around Autonomous cards
* Partnerships with Paramount and MobileEye
* Quantum Computers
* Brainwave Computers

CES Day 1 – Blockchain Coverage

Movement from Circus Circus to LinQ Hotel (3 hour event)
* Floor walk covering AMD, MSI and Seagate
* Conference coverage on Digital Cryptocurrencies
– Industry talking about FINTECH, acceptance of digital assets
– Industry talking and excited about tokenization of everything
– Industry talking about friction-less transactions, augmented reality, VR and Cryptocurrencies
– Redefining what is Privacy, do you trade it for convenience? Commodity of your your usage, activity data. Subsidizing the R&D against big data.

What does CES Day 2 entail? When do we get to the hardware?

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