#Crypto LIVE Chat Hangout (Discord Simulcast) – #CryptoCurrency #BTC #XRP #XVG #ETH #LTC #XLM #TRX

#Crypto LIVE Chat Hangout (Discord Simulcast) – #CryptoCurrency #BTC #XRP #XVG #ETH #LTC #XLM #TRX

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We now simulcast from Discord to this live stream: https://discord.gg/Gm6UrXP

Alex’s Telegram News: http://t.me/cryptogogonews
Alex’s Telegram Chat Group: http://bit.ly/2Doxipa

Vote for ZOIN to get listed on a new exchange: http://bit.ly/2CNZjlx

We began here by focusing on the release of XVG’s Wraith, but you might like to be subscribed to this channel for other such campaigns that would be to support the crypto community. Stay tuned! Something special seems to be growing here.

When this broadcast is over, you may continue the conversation with the community on the live hangout. Visit the channel and watch your YouTube alerts for the location of the current / next hangout live stream. The channel is here … http://YouTube.com/TheHopeOfJeffHUlrich

If this live stream is helpful, I would appreciate your support of my effort to make a positive impact:



I hope you all are having a happy holiday with family and friends.


DISCLAIMER: Jeff, Alex, moderators, and guests on this video / channel are not financial advisers. Any information or advice provided here is purely opinion. You should make your own trading decisions. Jeff, Alex, and others are willing to help and let you know what they are doing personally, day to day, in various circumstances and situations. But you are ultimately responsible for your trading choices.

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