Roblox ? BOOGA BOOGA ?
Roblox Pokemon Brick Bronze and Prison Royale my main games i love to play 🙂
sas well as random roblox games from time to time 😀
jailbreak, booga booga!, Island Royale

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?Discord channel:

?magikarpfilms merch!? (the real deal)




keep the chat CLEAN please and keep spamming to a min.
talking about you’re channel, giveaways,sub for sub, or even asking how to be mod is fine.
all i ask is to treat each other like family is all.
(people might say bad words here and there but please try not to is all thanks :D)


??WANT TO EARN MONEY FASTER????!?!? hit this link up to be apart of the FREEDOM TEAM!!!(IFY i’m in it so it’s the cool thing to do duhhhh!?!?)


this site will help you get known quicker + you will get any amount of money made from your youtube videos faster.
youtube it’s self will make you wait till you have a total of 100 dollars to get what you worked for.
this site will let you get what you earned every month after the 3 months buffer.


?want mod?

need 24 hours in total so type in !drip to see where it’s at
(for exp: if you did 40 mins in one stream and 20 on the next one it will add up. so every stream will count just remember to chat so bot knows you’re here).


Codes to play on live chat:
shows how long you bin on the stream in total + your bragging rights of how much cash you got bro!!!

bet your money to see if you win 2x more or lose it all (bet smart people!)

shows what my time is.


all songs used are allowed to use only since i’m apart of freedom family.
they allow us to use songs from this site to use on youtube :).
Credit of person will be live stream in my video so you will know who is playing next 🙂

– ‘Music by Epidemic Sound (’
– Music by AudioMicro (’

Multistreaming with

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