Recently 7 new ways to buy Ripple XRP have been announced. This video shows all the new and easier ways to buy Ripple. This is huge for Ripple because it is now easier to purchase and next bull run will have many more buyers needing ways to purchase XRP.

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7 new ways to buy Ripple!

1. Uphold – https://uphold.com/
Currently Uphold has no fees for the first 5 million Ripple XRP sold. This means extra XRP in your pocket! It’s also very easy to signup and make your first purchase, along with being able to trade to 7 other cryptos, 30 other fiat currencies and even gold and silver.

2. Anycoin Direct – https://anycoindirect.eu/en
This is an EU exchange that allows you to buy Ripple and other cryptos with fiat directly from their website.

3. CoinField – https://www.coinfield.com/
This is the most advanced Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange and they just added the option to purchase Ripple XRP with Canadian Fiat.

4. Abra – https://www.abra.com/
This is a cryptocurrency app that allows you to buy, store, and invest in 20 cryptocurrency coins. A very clean design and easy to use interface makes it an appealing option to buy Ripple.

5. CoinSquare – https://coinsquare.com/
This is another Canadian crypto exchange

6. LBX – https://lbx.com/
Another cryptocurrency app that allows you to buy Ripple

7. Devere – https://devere-crypto.com/
This exchange just added Ripple and are even offering 10 free Ripple XRP to anyone who signs up for the exchange. No purchase required.

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