Let's Buy Some Tron in less than 10 minutes

The CryptoDad shows you how to buy some Tron quickly and easily. Check the description below for table of contents links. You will need:
1. A Coinbase account
2. A GDAX account (same company as Coinbase)
3. An account on an exchange that supports Tron (I use Binance in the Video)
More About Tron: https://tron.network/en.html

Table of Contents:
1:25 overview
4:00 Buy Litecoin on Coinbase
6:00 Transfer Litecoin to GDAX
6:52 Transfer Litecoin to Binance
9:39 Trade from Litecoin to Ethereum
to Tron
12:15 Bonus section: Transfer Tron to
Ledger Nano S

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