Real Talk: EOS. The Good AND The Bad. No Shilling, No FUD.

In this final episode of Season 1 of Real Talk, I will be covering the Pros AND Cons of the EOS project. I will be giving an overview explanation of EOS and see why people are either excited or concerned about this project. Please stay tuned for this unbiased EOS review! (p.s. I don’t currently own any)

EOS is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency or blockchain platform that aims to displace Ethereum as the go-to smart contracts or dApps platform to build on., Dan Larimer’s company is behind this project – he is super experienced in the crypto space having built BitShares and Steem in the past. EOS will be a decentralized operating system with many new features – Horizontal scalability, account names, ability to change smart contracts, zero transaction fees, and more. Definitely an interesting project with a lot of promising but experimental features.

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